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Meet The Chapter



Jaira Stanley

Meet Jaira Stanley,

She is a Senior, majoring in Recreation Sports and Tourism. Fun Fact: She loves musical theatre and the performing arts!



Symone Rogers

Meet Symone Rogers, 

She is a Junior, majoring in Psychology. Fun fact: She owns her own jewelry business called Chapelle’s Collection! 


Financial Secretary

Elena Hawkins

Meet Elena Hawkins, 

She is a Senior, majoring in Community Health on a Pre-Dental track. Fun fact: Her dream vacation is to go to Dubai!


Vice President

Zainab Umardeen

Meet Zainab (Zee) Umardeen, 

She is a Senior, majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology with a minor in Psychology. Fun Fact: She can speak and understand multiple languages!


Recording Secretary

Nasira Muhammad

Meet Nasira Muhammad, 

She is a Senior majoring in Psychology with a concentration in Behavioral Neuroscience and a minor in chemistry. Fun fact: She zip-lined across two mountains and climbed a mountain and pyramid in Mexico!


Corresponding Secretary

Laila Ismail

Meet Laila Ismail, 

She is a Junior, double majoring in Earth, Society, and Environmental Sustainability and Geography & GIS with a minor in Natural Resource Conservation. Fun fact: She reads about ten books each summer and her favorite book is Frankenstein!

Executive Board

Economic Development 

Malika Sampson

Meet Malika Sampson,

She is a Junior, majoring in Social Work. Fun fact: She traveled abroad in one year to Guatemala and the Dominican Republic!


International Awareness and Involvement

Aamina Adebayo

Meet Aamina Adebayo,

She is a Junior, majoring in Speech and Hearing Sciences. Fun fact: She  loves to read, She’s read over 100 books in the year of 2021!


Political Awareness and Involvement

Skyy Sumlin

Meet Skyy Sumlin, 

She is a Senior, majoring in Community Health with a concentration in Health Education and Promotion, on a Pre-Nursing track, with a minor in Spanish. Fun fact: She loves to rock climb!


Educational Development

Saniya Drake

Meet Saniya Drake, 

She is a Junior, majoring in Chemistry Science & Letters. Fun fact: She studied Chinese all 4 years of highschool! 你好!


Physical and Mental Health

Tia Parker

Meet Tia Parker, 

She is a Senior, majoring in Human Development & Family Studies with a concentration in Child and Adolescent Development on a Pre-nursing track and a minor in Child Health & Well-Being. Fun fact: She was a cheerleader from 1st grade until junior year of high school!

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Shania Carter

Meet Shania Carter, 

She is a Senior majoring in Clinical Psychology. Fun Fact: She owns her own boutique, and is both a stylist & photographer

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Sydney Allen

Meet Sydney Allen, 

She is a Senior, majoring in Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Criminology on a Pre-Law Track. Fun Fact: She loves to make self-portraits of people!



Azia Papillion

Meet Azia Papillion, 

She is a Junior, majoring in Animal Science on the Pre-Veterinary Science Track. Fun fact: Her art has been featured in galleries and sold as well! 



Mia Martinez

Meet Mia Martinez, 

She is a Senior, majoring Community Health with a minor in public health and health administration). Fun fact: Her favorite Disney movie is Hocus Pocus!



Star Brooks

Meet Star Brooks, 

She is a Senior, majoring in Sports Management, with a Minor in Public Relations. Fun fact: She traveled to four different states in 2021!



Coretta Simmons

Meet Coretta Simmons, 

She is a Senior, majoring in Clinical Community Psychology with a minor in Adult Development. Fun Fact: Her favorite food is Cajun Shrimp Alfredo!



Haley Ward

Meet Haley Ward, 

She is a Senior majoring in Community Health with a Concentration of Health Planning and Administration. Fun fact: She loves to travel, She has been to five countries on different three continents!



Nia Patterson

Meet Nia Patterson, 

She is a Junior, majoring in creative writing with a minor in Public Relations. Fun Fact: She had locs from 3rd-7th grade!



Winter Stubblefield

Meet Winter Stubblefield, 

She is a Junior, majoring in Integrative Biology on the Pre-Medicine track. Fun fact: She is the Illinois State Facilitator! 



Nya Haywood

Meet Nya Haywood, 

She is a Senior, majoring in Agriculture Leadership Education and Communication. Fun fact: She is a DJ and has an LLC for her Dj business.

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